The Mars Curiosity Project – Airborne Toxic Control Measures (ATCM) Power Task & G86 Power Distribution

Location: NASA Goldstone Deep Space Communications Complex – Goldstone, CA

Client: NASA/JPL


General Contractor: Aerodyne Industries

Time Period: 2010 – 2012

Construction Cost:

Contract Amount: $9.5M

Project Description

Goldstone is one of three complexes around the world known as the Deep Space Network (DSN) established to provide the ability to communicate with spacecraft; not only in orbit around the earth, but also in the farther reaches of our solar system. The Deep Space Network complexes, placed 120° apart, provide constant communication with spacecraft as the Earth rotates. In determining the exact position for the site in California, a remote location, free from radio signal interference, was needed. The remote location of the Mojave Desert in California, near the old mining town of Goldstone, was determined to be an optimal location and in 1958 the first antenna was built. Facilities near Madrid, Spain and Canberra, Australia complete the Deep Space Network providing 360-degree coverage for spacecraft tracking.

Our Role

The Mars Curiosity Project cost $2.5 Billion from conception through creation, launch to landing, including the communication systems.  Johnson-Peltier was the chosen Electrical Contractor to install the most reliable electrical and emergency power supply system powering the Curiosity Project Antennas centered at the Goldstone Deep Space Communications complex in the California desert.

Johnson-Peltier procured and installed: 4-Megawatt Site Wide UPS, G91 Synchronizing Switchgear Replacement, G81 Generator Switchgear Replacement, Replace Paralleling Switchgear, Retrofit of Existing Generators


“Johnson-Peltier is a class act and did excellent work for which the NASA Deep Space Network is reaping the benefits on a practically daily basis.  Once again thanks to you and your firm.”

–Chris Owen, Program Manager, Deep Space Network – Construction of Facilities -JPL/NASA