SoCalGas Microturbine Generation

Location: Newberry Springs, CA

Client: SoCalGas


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Project Description

SoCalGas’ Newberry Springs Compressor Station is a vital source to California’s critical infrastructure, supply much of the natural gas supplying California Residence’s, Commercial Facilities, Industrial Facilities, and many of California’s Power Plants.  This project involved replacing existing Generators with Natural Gas Turbines Generators, all while keeping the facility completely operational.

Our Role

Systematically replaced existing Internal Combustion Generators with two new C-1000 Capstone Microturbine Trains, all while keeping the station operational as a vital Energy facility supply much of California’s Infrastructure.

Johnson-Peltier installed: (2) Owner Furnished Microturbine Assemblies, 480 Volt Switchgear, (2) Motor Control Centers