Port of Long Beach – Gerald Desmond Bridge Replacement

Location: Terminal Island – Long Beach, CA

Client: OXY

Agency: Caltrans | Metro | Port of Long Beach | US Department of Transportation

General Contractor:

Time Period: 2012 – 2014

Construction Cost: $1.56 Billion

Contract Amount:

Project Description

The Port of Long Beach, Gerald Desmond Bridge Replacement Project is a $1.56 billion replacement of an obsolete five-lane structure constructed in 1968 with a state-of-the-art, six-lane bridge. It is located at the southern end of State Route 710 in Los Angeles County. The bridge is a link between the two largest ports in the United States: The Port of Long Beach and the Port of Los Angeles. Construction on the new bridge began in 2013 and was completed in October 2020. The new bridge accommodates increased traffic, provides emergency lanes in both directions, improves safety, and reduces delays. The bridge is California’s first two-tower, cable-style bridge for traffic at over 515 feet tall. The two-mile-long bridge accommodates Los Angeles commuters and taller and larger cargo vessels.

Our Role

The Gerald Desmond Bridge Replacement Project required a complete relocation of the Terminal Island Electrical Infrastructure which Johnson-Peltier was tasked with the relocation of existing underground utilities and switchgear to accommodate the new bridge. This project required a 48-hour complete shutdown of Terminal Island in which Johnson-Peltier demolished existing equipment and changed over (4) new Substations.  Johnson-Peltier was able to complete the allotted 48 hour shut-down in less than 24 hours, netting Terminal Island back 24 hours of operation.

Johnson-Peltier procured and installed: 20 Miles of Aboveground/Underground Conduit, Cable & Wire, (1) 7,500 KvA Transformer 15 Kv to 4160 Volt, (4) 1,500 KvA 12.47kV-480 Volt Transformers, (4) 3,200 Amp 480 Volt Switch gears