Pipeline Safety Enhancement Program (PSEP)

Location: 600+ Site Locations throughout California

Client: SoCalGas


General Contractor:

Time Period: 2016-2026

Construction Cost:

Contract Amount: $140 Million

Project Description

After the 2010 rupture of a Natural Gas Pipeline in San Bruno, CA, the California Public Utility Commission (CPUC) mandated Gas Utilities to implement a Pipeline Safety Plan to orderly and cost-effectively test or replace all natural-gas transmission pipelines in their system that have not been pressure-tested. As a result, the Pipeline Safety Enhancement Program (PSEP) was established to promote the continued safety and integrity of our natural gas transmission pipelines.  Additionally, PSEP incorporates adding Valve Automation to transmission pipelines including a complete communication system to measure and control the complete system from remote locations.

Our Role

Johnson-Peltier started out on this program by successfully bidding 9 Site Locations on a fixed-price bases providing competitive pricing and an experienced team establishing quality and trust throughout the projects.Upon completing those first 9 Locations, Johnson-Peltier identified issues in communication, scheduling, design, procurement, preconstruction, construction, and post construction.  Therefore, we negotiated a Master Service Agreement with SoCalGas to complete the remaining 600+ Site Locations on a Cost-Plus Contract which would eliminate the costly bidding process for each location and would group all the sites under one agreement.  We then were selected to complete the remaining 600+ Sites over a 10-Year Contract.

Johnson-Peltier was contracted to procure, store & install the following:

Underground Conduit, Cable & Wiring, Instrumentation Tubing & Valves, Owner Furnished Equipment: SCADAs, SCADA shelter, Line-Break Panels, and Battery Enclosures, Prefabricated Housekeeping Pads and Support Stands, Coordinate with SoCalGas on delivery of equipment to ensure delivery schedules are accurately incorporated into construction schedules, Document and verify all aspects of the electrical installation to minimize check out and commissioning activities, QA/ID Test and document all controls for quality


2021 Project Excellence Award – National Electrical Contractor Association – Los Angeles Chapter


“I wanted to reach out about the outstanding performance we at SoCalGas have grown to appreciate from Johnson-Peltier. I know it takes a solid team and it’s not just the faces we see on-site that make all this work happen.  For almost 10 years, SoCalGas has grown to depend on your services, increasing from an initial 9 Fixed-Cost bids to a Master Service Agreement servicing a network of over 500 site locations, and growing.  Your entire staff from Billing Coordinators, Project Manager’s, Project Coordinator’s, Material Handling, Warehousing/Storage to on-site Foremen and Journeymen have all shown your ability to take on a multitude of projects, in all areas of our organization.  Most importantly, from Johnson-Peltier’s preconstruction due diligence to project closeout, you enable us to complete these projects on time and on budget, allowing our Engineering, Project Management & Construction Teams to exceed targets, year after year.

Our organic relationship allows autonomy between Johnson-Peltier and SoCalGas providing an even greater efficiency to the service you provide throughout our entire Central and Southern California region, especially the hard-to-reach locations.  Johnson-Peltier’s on-site staff are the utmost professional, even with challenging last-minute change orders.  And their commitment, paired with the transparency of our Master Service Agreement, allows SoCalGas and Johnson-Peltier to work together with minimal Management by SoCalGas, affording us the ability to avoid costly overruns and focus on future projects.  I look forward to this partnership lasting many more years to come.”

– Mark C., Construction Manager, PSEP – SoCalGas