PG&E – Topock Compressor Station – Class I Div I Lighting

Location: Needles, CA

Client: Pacific Gas & Electric


General Contractor: Snelson Construction

Time Period: 01/2021

Construction Cost:

Contract Amount:

Project Description

The Topock Compressor Station is located in eastern San Bernardino County, approximately 12 miles southeast of Needles, and has played an important role in supplying natural gas to our service areas in Central and Northern California since 1951.Topock Compressor Station and others like it are needed to safely pressurize natural gas, moving it through hundreds of miles of pipeline on its way to homes, businesses, and other gas customers.

Our Role

Johnson-Peltier was contracted to install Class I Division I Explosion Proof Lighting in remote areas of the Plant.

Johnson-Peltier installed: New Lighting Panel, Explosion Proof LED Lighting, All Rigid Steel Conduit & Cable