Blythe Compressor Station Plant 4

Location: Blythe, CA

Client: SoCalGas


General Contractor:

Time Period: 2019 – 2020

Construction Cost: $325 Million

Contract Amount: $12.8 Million

Project Description

As part of the SoCalGas Expansion Program, the Blythe Compressor Station is a power plant strategically located between California and Arizona and can serve both regions. The facility consists of three natural gas compressor plants. This project involved the design and construction of a fourth plant including auxiliary equipment and new buildings for power generation and operations.

Our Role

Johnson-Peltier was contracted to install Power, Controls, Instrumentation and Lighting for the New Plant 4.

Johnson-Peltier procured and/or installed: (2) Siemens-Dresser SGT-300 gas turbines <10 MW, 800-Amp Panel board, Fiber Optic Network to Cooling Tower, Instrument Air Package, Ammonia Storage, SCR, CEMS Shelter, Gen Sync and PLC Control Panels, Cable Tray, Underground Duct Banks, Conduit & Wiring, Instrumentation Tubing & Valves, Owner Furnished Equipment: SCADAs, SCADA shelter, Line-Break Panels, Coordinated activities with mechanical contractor to ensure maximum productivity at each site and minimize trade stacking